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Pixar Animator Dreams Up a New Superhero For Each Day of the Year

Pixar artist Everett Downing set himself a challenge: to create 365 superheroes, a new one every day for a year. It didn’t quite work as he planned, but three years later, he has illustrated 285 new characters! Downing expects to finish the collection in 2013. Wired Design talked to Downing about the project. The origin story [...]

An Animated Short That Will Put Stars In Your Eyes

(YouTube Link) La Luna is a Pixar short with a lot of heart, a story of passing down family traditions no matter how unusual and an absolutely gorgeous film to watch. With thematic elements reminiscent of The Little Prince and Nemo’s Adventures In Slumberland, this is yet another classic short to add to Pixar’s already impressive catalog [...]

What Lies Beneath The Metal Skin Of Pixar’s Cars

These fun Pixar’s Cars themed internal anatomy illustrations are by Jake Parker, and I think they just made the whole talking car thing a bit creepier. Jake’s illustrations have come a long way from their humble beginnings back in 2008 (link below), and I hope he creates one of these cool diagram for every character. One question [...]

Monsters University Teaser

(YouTube link) The sequel to the Pixar film Monsters, Inc. is expected to be out next summer, and the first teasers are out now. This time, the monsters are in college, which only makes sense, as the kids who watched the first movie in theaters in 2001 will be in college by then. -via Geekosystem

A Pixar Style Version Of Justice League America

Digital artist Daniel Araya created these fun concept art pieces that envision what a Pixar version of DC’s Justice League of America would look like. The characters look like they’d fit right in with The Incredibles, but the fact that Disney owns Marvel Comics means that a DC/Pixar movie is about as likely as a real [...]

How Toy Story 2 Was Almost Lost Forever

(Video Link) While Toy Story 2 was in production, someone at Pixar accidentally typed in a command that erased the drives on which the animation files were stored. Most of the film vanished in 20 seconds. A whole year of work. Just…gone. This is the story of how Pixar employees rescued the movie. -via io9

Boo Bass

(YouTube link) The 2001 film Monsters, Inc. gets the Pogo treatment! Sounds from the Pixar movie were remixed by Nick Bertke, and the video was edited by goldpikpikcarrots.  -via The Daily What

Pixar’s Star Wars

Or would you prefer to see George Lucas’s Up? I’ve accepted droids, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable flying an X-wing that talked. Through a mouth. Andrew Chesworth composed this image for Star Wars Day — you know, May the Fourth. Link -via Popped Culture Previously: Darth Vader in Pixar’s Up Pixar Star Wars

Toy Story, Toy Story 2 or Toy Story 3?

There have been three movies (so far) in Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story franchise. Can you distinguish quotes from each film? This Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss might be confusing if you’ve seen all three movies in a short period of time. I had a slight edge in that I haven’t seen Toy Story 3, so I scored [...]

A 3D-Rendered Film from 1972

Ed Catmull (later a Pixar founder) and Fred Parke (later a professor) made a remarkable film in 1972. They made a 3D model of Ed’s hand, then animated the hand moving in 3D space, including clenching into a fist. There are also other models, including a very primitive human face. While it [...]