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Monsters University Teaser

(YouTube link) The sequel to the Pixar film Monsters, Inc. is expected to be out next summer, and the first teasers are out now. This time, the monsters are in college, which only makes sense, as the kids who watched the first movie in theaters in 2001 will be in college by then. -via Geekosystem

Hollywood Peeps: 15 Oscar-winning Films in Marshmallow

The Washington Post recently announced the winners of its sixth annual Peeps Show diorama contest. This year’s finalists were heavy on politics, but over six years, many of the best entries depict scenes from our favorite movies. In order to keep this post to a manageable size, I have only included films that won at [...]

Pixar Film from 1972

(Video Link) Ed Catmull and Fred Parke made this film demonstrating early computer generated animation way back in 1972. It shows an animated hand derived from a physical model and then digitized, as well as facial movements based on mathematical formulas. Catmull went on to start Pixar, so in a sense this is the first Pixar [...]