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Jason Gets a Prom Date

(YouTube link) Jason Pitts asked Lianna to the prom during third period class last week in an romantic way that made me smile from ear to ear. The lyrics are available at the YouTube link. -via Buzzfeed

LOST Meets LOLCats

Remember Travis Pitts and his awesome design, “We’ve Got Some Work To Do, Now?” Well, he’s still coming up with great ideas, mashing up different threads of pop culture in clever ways. To paraphrase Travis, I’m frankly surprised no one’s thought of this yet. Bigger image at the Flickr link. Link (via Super Punch)

Velma the Vampire Hunter

Illustration by Travis Pitts Dr. Monster (Travis Pitts) created this illustration for his Flickr ‘Stream. Pitts calls it “we’ve got some work to do now,” and it clearly tells a dramatic tale. Note the R.I.P. S+F+D (Shaggy, Fred & Daphne). Link