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Revolver’s Detachable Buttstock Doubles as a Canteen

This unusual pistol is a Colt 1851 Navy Revolver. That model was made in massive quantities for two decades and used long afterward. What makes this particular variant unusual is that it comes with a detachable hollow pewter buttstock. There’s a plug on the top that you can open to fill it with water. Link -via [...]

Bizarre Prototype Chain Handgun

I’m having trouble finding any information about this fascinating handgun other than that an original Russian caption translated as “7.62mm Pistol prototype. Power tape. Capacity of the tape 36 shots.” It looks similar to the Josselyn revolver, an 1866 American design that fed up to 20 rounds kept in individual chambers linked by a chain. Link

Twist to Reload this Unique Antique

This is the Percival & Smith Repeating Magazine Pistol, patented in 1850. If I understand the description correctly, the cylinder in the front holds 24 bullets and the cylinder in the back holds powder and primer. To chamber a round, the user twists them up, then back down: After cocking hammer, both chambers swivel upward 180 [...]

What Happened to Starting Races With Real Pistols?

Getty Images When Usain Bolt, Wallace Spearmon and the rest of the field line up for today’s 200-meter race, they’ll kick off the race not at the fire of a pistol, but a noise triggered by an electronic gun. Did previous Games use actual pistols? Yes, but they’ve been scrapped for both safety and fairness. The guns [...]

Mystery pistol uncovered

The double-barrel of an old pistol has been discovered at a New Zealand tunnel dig site. The double-barrel and other metal components of a pistol have…

Pistol Bayonets

James R. Rummel of Hell in a Handbasket has a post about early handgun bayonets. The Elgin Pistol Cutlass (above) was a single-shot pistol available in the U.S. in various calibers starting in the 1830s. It’s basically a built-in machete that served to clear away brush while tramping out in the wilderness: Instead the guns were [...]