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Sites go dark over SOPA and PIPA

Wikipedia leads the charge as sites protest against two proposed US laws that would censor the internet. SOPA ( Stop Online Piracy Act ) and PIPA ( Pr…

How to Talk Like a Somali Pirate

All day, every September 19th, we celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day by basically saying “Arrrr!” But that sort of language is from another time and place (mainly Hollywood) -modern day pirates don’t talk like that. Real pirates in the modern world are liable to speak Somali, or other languages heard around the Horn of [...]

Confessions of a Book Pirate

Did you know that books are being pirated? I sure didn’t — I thought piracy was limited to music, movies, and software. But apparently there’s a thriving online piracy scene for old-school books. And not just eBooks — in many cases the books are scanned, converted to text via OCR software, and proof-read by the [...]

Wacky Anti-Piracy Methods of Yore

Software piracy ain’t anything new (before there was the Internet and all these fancy P2P piracy, there was the old school Sneakernet kind). Royal Pingdom blog has a very interesting, blast-from-the-past article about fighting piracy through various copy protection methods, including code wheels, dongles, and feelies. For example: Dongles Dongles started appearing in the early 80’s and [...]