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72 Scenes from the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, 2012

On September 30, I spent a geektastic day at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. I arrived early and got a look at many booths before they opened (later, they would be swarmed by thousands of attendees). For much of the day I was one of several referees for the Classic Tetris World Championship. [...]

Homemade Portal Pinball Machine

If pinball is great and Portal is great, then a Portal pinball machine is simply amazing. Unfortunately, there aren’t any commercially available…yet. That didn’t stop Reddit user iliveon though -he simply made his own pinball machine based on the popular game. Link Via Kotaku

Get Your Pinball Fix With Snowball

For those of you who can never get enough fun Flash games to play when no one’s looking at you at work, may I recommend Snowball, a fantastic Flash pinball game that captures the true spirit of the game while adding in some fun elements that are impossible for a real pinball machine to incorporate. Link [...]

Huge Pinball Game on the Front of a Building

(Video Link) There’s nothing old fashioned about this pinball game! CT Light Concept projected a pinball game called “Urban Flipper” on the front of the Théâtre des Célestins in Lyon, France. The bumpers, kickers, and targets make use of the features on the theater’s facade. Link -via NotCot

Person Pinball

(YouTube link) Pinball gets a new twist when you play on the street, with people as the balls and bumpers! This stop-motion video is from the 2011 Animation Block Party Film Festival in New York City. -via The Daily What

Pinball Coffee Table

Love pinball? Then check out this LED pinball coffee table by Ryan McFarland of zieak and go full tilt in making one yourself: Link | Step by Step info at Instructables