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The 20 Saddest Horses On Earth

While I am not one of those people who likes to call all instances of animals being dressed up in costume “animal abuse,” it’s certainly verging on the borderline of abuse when you dress your horse as a pinata and carry around a pinata stick. For pictures of 19 more depressing horses, check out this [...]

The Most Amazing Pinatas Ever

If you’re familiar with Regretsy, then you know most of their featured products are absolute trash. That being said, like Cake Wrecks, they occasionally find something that is truly worthy of praise. This amazing pinata is just one of the many detailed, artistic and downright cool designs you can order from the Pulp Parlour. Anyone [...]

Cat vs. Piñata

(YouTube link) In honor of Cinco de Mayo, Charlie disembowels a piñata. For dramatic effect, this piñata was filled with tasty kitty noms. -via The Daily What