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Pilot Proposes to Girlfriend While Pretending That Their Plane Is Crashing

(Video Link)  It’s beautiful when romance and terror come together in one loving moment. Ryan Thompson, a pilot, wanted to convince his lady friend to say ‘yes’. So, naturally, he created the impression that the small plane that he was flying was about to crash. My wife tells me that if I had done this, she would [...]

Pilot reports UFO over Kansas airport

A commercial pilot has come forward to claim that his jet was buzzed by a UFO as it came in to land. The anonymous pilot described witnessing a silver…

The Giant Kuratas Battle Mech

You don’t want to mess with Suidobashi Heavy Industry, or they will unleash their newest creation upon you- the KR01 Kuratas Battle Mech. Standing 13 foot tall and sporting some rather menacing hardware, this badass million dollar robo-suit might be the future of mechanized combat, once they set it up to fire live ammo. Currently, the Kuratas [...]

So You’re Paragliding One Day, You Look Up, and See This

The website of the United States Powered Paragliding Association describes what could have happened if the carabiner had slipped just a little more: This pilot was quite close to a catastrophic situation on two fronts. One, a significant bump that unloaded that riser could have caused the riser to come completely out, leaving the pilot spiraling [...]

The Wonderfully Weird Muppet Show Pilot

(Video Link) Like most television shows, The Muppet Show’s pilot was quite different than the show itself ended up being. In this case, the original didn’t feature Kermit as the host and did feature a lot more adult humor. Don’t miss the other three parts of the pilot over at Laughing Squid. Via Laughing Squid

If the Titanic Didn’t Sink, This Female Pilot Would Be a Lot More Famous

You know Amelia Earhart, but you’ve probably never heard of Harriet Quimby. It’s quite likely that she inspired Earhart, who didn’t start flying until a decade after Quimby. And while Amelia was famous for being the first solo female pilot to cross the Atlantic in 1932, Quimby was the first woman pilot to fly solo over [...]

Airline pilot startled by flying shark

A passenger jet pilot coming in to land was startled by a flying shark over Christchurch in New Zealand. The pilot had been preparing to land when he …

Pilot Locked in Bathroom Causes Terrorist Scare

The airline industry will have to put together a new set of procedures to cover the event of a pilot getting stuck in the toilet. A Delta Airlines flight from Asheville, North Caroline to New York City was the scene of a security alert yesterday. While the pilot was in the lavatory, the door latch [...]

The Case of the Missing Gordon from Sesame Street

Whether you’re watching Sesame Street with a toddler now or were a big fan of Big Bird and friends back when you were a little shaver, no doubt you’re familiar with Gordon. In one form or another, Gordon Robinson has been around since the show began in 1969. Back then, he was played by Matt [...]

Rider on the Storm

In 1959, Marine Corps pilot William Rankin was cruising at nine miles above the earth in an F-8 Crusader combat jet when something went wrong and he had to eject. Between him and the ground was a big, black storm. After falling through damp darkness for an interminable time, Rankin began to grow concerned that the [...]