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Man Hidden in a Pile of Wood by Gyula Várnai

The next time you stack a cord of fireword, try making a hidden image, like Hungarian artist Gyula Várnai did with this pile of logs: To build the piece, Várnai piled logs of different sizes, [...]

Films on Fridges

To most people a 20-foot-high pile of discarded refrigerators in Hackney, London, is an eyesore. But to Lindsey Scannapieco, the so-called “Fridge Mountain” (which was so tall it was visible in Google Earth) was an inspiration to create Films on Fridges, “East London’s newest temporary outdoor cinema built primarily out of discarded fridges.” Link – [...]

Felted Stone Mat

This looks like a pile of river stones, but this mat is soft and warm to put your feet on. The hand-felted “stones” are made of wool! Link -via Unique Daily

Rare JFK Photos Found At Thrift Store

Can you imagine finding a pile of photographs taken by a CBS staff member in the 1960s? And in those photographs at a thrift store you find president Kennedy and other celebrities? These rare candid John F. Kennedy images are from a 1960’s CBS Special with JFK “After Two Years: A Conversation With The President”,  [...]