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Diving Pig Bacon

Have you heard that certain meats taste much better when their respective animals live stress free lives? I am sure you have. But what about when their respective animals live diving lives? A farmer in China’s Hunan province is claiming that his bacon tastes better because of his diving pigs. Huang Demin built a 3 meter tall [...]

Angry Birds Macarons

Show those pigs you mean business…by eating them! The Cookie Fairy did, and you can find his/her recipe at the link. Link (Google Translate) -via Tasteologie

Pigs in Space!

Remember Pigs in Space? It was a series if sketches on The Muppet Show parodying Star Trek (and other 60s/70s space-themed TV shows), featuring the adventures of a crew of pigs aboard the Swinetrek. Pigs in Space became so popular that it was used to wake up actual astronauts on the Space Shuttle [...]

The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat … at the Pig Race!

Photo: imgur – via reddit You know what will motivate the pigs? Loser gets made into bacon! (Too bad for Pig #4) Just kidding … ALL of them will be made into bacon! [...]

What Angry Birds Look Like After The Game

If you’ve ever wondered what the Angry Birds look like after they take down those dastardly pigs, these illustrations by deviantARTist Scooterek should fill you in on what they look like after battle. Their medical bills must be through the roof, good thing their game is so popular! Link  –via Rampaged Reality

The Un-Official Angry Birds Movie Trailer

(YouTube Link) This Angry Birds parody trailer looks like it was made by Guy Ritchie, and really has nothing to do with the video game aside from the whole “pigs snatch their eggs, so the birds get revenge” dynamic. But it’s sexy, funny, and really slick looking for a comedy short. –via Ology

Banksy’s Graffiti Cow

Oh, that guy Banksy. Maybe he’s tired of spraying graffiti on walls, so he moved on to cows. Well, at least it’s better than Wim Delvoye tattooing pigs! Link – via Waslijn [...]

Homesick pigs swim a mile across the sea

Two Tamworth boars were filmed swimming a mile across the ocean in the north-west of Scotland. Not content to graze on an uninhabited island the pigs …

Christopher Walken Reads "The Three Little Pigs"

Walken. Pigs. Cosby Sweater. 1993. What else do you need to know? Link via Roger Ebert

Pig Jax

Pig Jax – $3.95 Bringing home the bacon is hard work. Add some fun to your weary workday with the Pig Jax from the NeatoShop. Gather around some coworkers to chew the fat, bounce around some ideas, and watch the pigs fly. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop’s Bacon Store for more pigerrific fun. Link