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Debra Broz’s Oddities

By adding sculpting compound and paint, Austin-based artist Debra Broz turns cute ceramic animal figurines into monstrosities: cows merge with pigeons, ducks grow extra heads and dogs grow yard-long tongues. View them all at the link. Link -via Design Observer | Photo: Rebecca Marino

Pigeons Have GPS Built Into Their Brain

That GPS unit on your car sure is fancy, but pigeons have got you beat: they have GPS built right into their brain! Researchers have spotted a group of 53 cells within pigeons’ brains [...]

Fredo & Pidjin

If you love geeky (and raunchy) webcomic, look no further than Fredo & Pidjin by Eugen Erhan and Tudor Muscalu. The weekly comic features the adventures of two mischevious, nay make that evil, pigeons. Check ‘em out: Link We’ve also teamed up with [...]

Fibonacci Pigeons

The Fibonacci sequence, named after a 13th Century Italian mathematician, is a sequence of numbers in which every third number is the sum of the previous two numbers. This photo circulating the Internet shows pigeons who have landed in roughly that pattern. via Geekosystem | Math Explanation | Previously: Fibonacci Rings