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A Prom Night to Remember

A group of high school students in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, were decked out for the prom last Saturday night. They headed to Lac La Belle and posed for group pictures on the lake’s pier. Then the pier collapsed. The quick-thinking photographer kept shooting, resulting in an unforgettable sequence of pictures. The wet teenagers, attempting to save [...]

Woman Walking While Texting Fell Off Pier

Bonnie Miller of Benton Harbor, Michigan, is here to warn you about the dangers of WWT. That’s Walking While Texting, if you don’t know, which Bonnie experienced first hand one fine day when she [...]

Best Airport Lounges in the World

Still crammed in a packed airport terminals awaiting your flight with fellow commoners? You’re missing out! Michael Gros of WorldMate Travelog wrote a list of the best business and first-class lounges from airports around the world. This one above is Cathay Pacific Pier at the Hong Kong International Airport: Cathay Pacific went out of its way in [...]

The Garden of the Monsters

Pier Francesco Orsini, a 16th-century mercenary and nobleman, built a garden of huge sculpted monsters and other fantasy figures at his estate in Bomarzo, Italy. You’ll find the story of this remarkable project and more pictures at Kuriositas. Link (Image credit: Flickr user zak mc)

Missing Pier 39 Sea Lions Are Found in Oregon

Remember the case of the “missing” sea lions of San Francisco’s Pier 39? Well, they have been “found”: Marine experts now believe that the Pier 39 sea lions have gone to Oregon. A couple thousand California sea lions showed up off the coast of Oregon with their typical bark that separates them from the growling Stellar [...]

Where’d the Pier 39 Sea Lions Go?

Image Composite: Left: flickr/wallyg. Right: Twitter/@GarySoup If you’ve been to the Fisherman’s Wharf part of San Francisco in the past twenty years, chances are you’ve seen (and heard) the resident sea lions that call Pier 39 home. I’d spend long stretches of time just observing them and their behavior patterns, and always found them neat. Since about [...]