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Drunk Driver Caught on Motorized Picnic Table

Hand over the keys to that picnic table. You’re in no condition to drive. An Ontario man is facing charges after he and his buddies constructed a motorized picnic table and drove it around town. Police said they attached a lawnmower motor and four customized wheels to the picnic table and took it for a spin on [...]

Plush Spiked Watermelon

What a perfect gift for some little boy or girl who wants to play picnic! Felicia Haywood made plush versions of all of the ingredients for a watermelon spiked with vodka. Link -via Craft | Felicia Haywood’s Site

Picnic Lunch Boxes

Picnic Lunch Boxes – $12.95 (sold individually) Are you looking for a doggone cute and functional lunch box? You need a udderly adoarable Picnic Lunch Box from the NeatoShop. These soo-ee-eet lunch boxes fold out to become a placemat. The Picnic Lunch box is purr-fect for back to school. The Picnic Lunch Box is available in: Denzel the [...]

Periodic Picnic Table

In 2003, Wake Forest University students Nazila Alimohammadi and Anna Clark built this picnic table in the shape of the periodic table of elements. From a campus newspaper: The two women students created the sculpture as part of a public art course taught in the fall by David Finn, associate professor of art. Students in the [...]