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Attenborough’s Ark

If you can save ten animals from extinction, which animals would you pick? Sir David Attenborough shows us his pick in his new TV series Attenborough’s Ark [warning: auto-starting video]. The BBC has the slideshow of the [...]


Adopting a cat has taken a giant leap forward (or backward, your pick), thanks to this mashing up of cat and chatroulette. Behold, catroulette! Link – via The Daily What, Thanks Kirsten!

What’s Your Favorite Love Song From ’80s Movies?

Quick – what’s your favorite love song from ’80s movie? Can’t pick just one? Well, neither can Emily Temple. She’s crafted this Top 10 list of Best Love Songs from ’80s Movies over at Flavorwire. (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes (from Dirty Dancing, of course) came in at [...]

Is This The Most Beautiful Goat Alive?

I love goats, but I don’t know that I would ever consider any of them to be “beautiful.” Even if I was, I certainly don’t think Wasieef here would be my first pick. As it turns out though, she is the winner of the Most Beautiful Goat contest in Jordan. You can read more about [...]

10 Unbelievably Dangerous Doctors

Walter Freeman was one of the biggest proponents of the “ice pick” lobotomy, performing more than 3,000 during his lifetime. He’s one of the ten most dangerous doctors to have ever lived and you can read more about him and the rest of these men in this great article. Link

The Worst First Pick in Basketball History

There’s not much we can say with certainty as Thursday’s NBA draft approaches. Some team will get a terrific bargain in this draft. Some team will burn its pick on a colossal disappointment whose name will be whispered in the same breath those of uber-busts Darko Miličić and Marcus Fizer. NBA general managers should take [...]