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France bans access to doomsday ’safe zone’

Those travelling to Pic de Bugarach before December 21st will now be turned away by authorities. For many who believe that the world will end in about…

Pic of the Day: Zebra Fish Larvae Cuties

DRB Pic of the Day Link Impossibly Cute Pair! Not Photoshopped in any way… These baby-faced cuties are two-day old larvae of zebrafish, or zebra danio – a tropical fresh-water fish, valuable for scientific research as they are capable of regenerating their fins, skins, the heart and the brain during the [...]

Lost Dog Flier for "Chewie"

Pic: chantastic [Flickr] Interbent blog has a fantastic collection of street art inspired by Star Wars. This one above, a fictional lost dog flier, is surely a performance piece in Venice, California. Check out the rest: Link – via Rue The Day