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"Where The Wild Things Are" Cat

ABC News’ Nightline photographer Meredith Frost snapped this photo of a cat all made up to look like Carol from Where The Wild Things Are, over at the Pet Stylist Super Show in Knoxville, [...]

Sentinels of the North

Last winter in Finnish Lapland, photographer Niccolò Bonfadini snapped this photo of snow-encased trees that look like frozen aliens of the North. APOD named them "Sentinels of the North" and has the larger pic: [...]

Cake of Thrones

Cake is coming … Kensei Yonzon of The Bunny Baker has the pic: Link – via Geek of the Day who suggested a great title for a Winterfell cookbook: [...]

Meet Spudina, the Spineless Hedgehog

What’s cuter than a hedgehog who lost all her spikes and now needs a sweater to keep warm? Nothing! Meet Spudina, the spineless hedgehog: The animal was found by a member of the public in a garden in Bedford and has been named Spudlina by staff as her skin resembles that of a potato. The two year [...]

The Sock Helper

As I grow older, the refrain from my life’s theme song seems to be “bendin’ down is hard to do” (sung, of course, to the tune of “Breakin’ Up Is Hard To Do,” by Neil Sedaka). So, I suspect whether your reaction to this sock helper to the left is “stupid” or “genius” largely depends on [...]

She Doesn’t Care

Now that Continental Oil Company (now Conoco) has your attention with the naughty thing their research chemists (Belt over lab coat? Craaaazy!) do on their summer break, it smoothly segues into the benefits of motor oil. Remember that sex sells, future Madison Ave execs, it even sells motor oil. Modern Mechanix has the larger pic: Link

Amazing Sailor Moon Bento Box

We’ve covered quite a few bento box creations before on Neatorama, but never one quite as fantastic as this one. Behold the Sailor Moon bento box (from a bento box competition – no sane person would do one that detailed for lunch…) Fanboy has the larger pic: Link