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Pizza Is Mathematically Delicious

It’s in the name, pizza was just invented to be delicious based on mathematical formulas. It makes so much sense now. Kind of reminds me of our puntastically fun Pi shirt in  the Neatoshop. Link

TIE Fighter Piñata

Etsy seller Outofthisworldpinata makes rather creative piñatas, including this TIE fighter. There’s also a Kenny from South Park, which you can whack before saying the appropriate line. Link -via Technabob

Council places "keep off" sign on tiny verge

The London council has been quizzed over its bizarre use of “keep off the grass” signs. Locals were left baffled when one sign was placed on a tiny pi…

Cat vs. Piñata

(YouTube link) In honor of Cinco de Mayo, Charlie disembowels a piñata. For dramatic effect, this piñata was filled with tasty kitty noms. -via The Daily What

It’s Pi Time

By Laughing Easy What time is it? It’s about Pi/2 past 2Pi/3. You don’t need to know the geometric definition of this mathematical constant to know what time it is since it’s not a digital display. Link - Via John Gushue