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Wright’s Law

(YouTube link) Jeffrey Wright is a very popular and effective physics teacher at Louisville Male Traditional High School in Kentucky. But he has lessons from his own life that are even more important than physics. Read more about him at the New York Times. Link 

Common Physics Misconceptions

(YouTube link) Minute Physics quickly lets us in on some slight but important differences in what we thought we knew and what really is. Since I never studied physics, a lot of this was new to me.  -via Daily of the Day

The Physics of Coffee Rings

(YouTube link) This video shows us the strangely fascinating process behind the formation of coffee rings on a surface. As the water evaporates, the solid particles of coffee rush to the edges of the spill. The research was done by the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Physics and Astronomy. Because we all know that scientists are [...]

Bouncing a Drop of Water on Water

Here’s a nifty party trick, courtesy of physics: how to bounce droplets of water on the surface of water. Physics Buzz Blog explains: Typically, when a droplet of water plunges into a pool of water, it [...]

How to Pronounce Huygens

(YouTube link) Or, conversely, how to tell if the person you are speaking with is Dutch. Dutch physicist and mathematician Christiaan Huygens contributed a lot to the science of physics, including the idea that light travels in waves. That was over 300 years ago. MIT physics professor Walter Lewin is Dutch, so he can pronounce Huygens [...]

Understanding the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics (With a Cat)

Serge Haroche and David Wineland were awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics on Tuesday. They share the prize for independently developing methods to study particles of light…without destroying that light, which is usually what happens when it is observed. (For the record, other particles are relevant as well, but let’s just keep [...]

Two-Fluid Snap Off

At what point does a drop of fluid pinch off into two droplets? University of Chicago professor of physics Sidney Nagel snapped the photo of such an event: How does one fluid body become two? At what point do the two separate, [...]

How A Slush Machine Works

(YouTube link) How are liquid slushes served at temperatures below freezing? It’s the magic of physics! -via The Daily What Geek

Ye Olde Explanation

(YouTube link) Why do we say “Ye Olde” something-or-other when we want to sound Old English? According to the history of the term, it was never pronounced that way! Minute Physics explains in a hurry, even though the history of language has little to do with physics. -via Geekosystem  

Portal 2 Cocktails

If you drink enough of these, the physics will start to make sense. The Drunken Moogle, inventor and teacher of many geeky cocktail recipes, brings us the perfect Portal 2 drink. You’ll need blue curacao, vodka, lemonade, cointreau, rum and Orangina. Link -via Technabob | Photo: James Dance of Loading