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Slow-Motion Slinky Drop

(YouTube link) When you drop a slinky, which part of it moves faster? When you get a good look at it in slow-motion, it only raises more questions, which physics professor Rod Cross explains. See the rest of the experiment at The Daily What Geek. Link -via mental_floss

Pet Tarantula Gummi Candy

Pet Tarantula Gummi Candy – $1.95 Are you bored with traditional Easter candy? Why not fill your Easter basket up with Pet Tarantula Gummi Candy from the NeatoShop! It’s sweet, kind of creepy, and definitely not boring. It kind of reminds me of my college physics professor. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fabulous [...]

Hitching a ride to Mars on an asteroid

One physics professor has suggested astronouts get to Mars by hitching a ride on the back of an asteroid. The idea is not as ridiculous as it sounds, …