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Circuit Chess Set

Here’s how Mark Wilson arranged the pieces on perfboard: Pawn: ResistorsRook: Ferrite ChokesKnight: Metallised Polyester CapacitorsBishop: LEDsKing & Queen: Electrolytic Capacitors Link -via Make | Wilson’s Photostream | Wilson’s Website

Indiana Jones Cupcake

Cupcakes. Why’d it have to be cupcakes? Kati Peck’s Indiana Jones captures the whole movie franchise with a whip, a hat and lots of sugar. Visit her photostream to see cupcakes with Lost, True Blood, and Watchmen themes. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious! | Photostream


GalaFilc’s felted coin purses are adorable! This purple one has a matching brown friend. GalaFilc also felts scarves, stoles and collars. GalaFilc’s Photostream and Etsy Shop -via Geek Crafts

Huge Origami Beetle

This fist-sized beetle by Shuki Kato is ten inches across and kind of scary. Once you’re done changing your pants, check out this photo from his Flickr photostream which gives us a hint of the preparation and planning necessary to make a piece of origami this complex. Flickr photostream -via Colossal

TrustoCorp’s Public Art

TrustoCorp is a New York City-based art collective that spreads messages to the public by creating signs or shopdropping. Its Flickr photostream is filled with works similar to the sign above. Flickr Photostream and Official Website via Super Punch Previously: Is Shopdropping (Reverse Shoplifting) a Crime?

Photo Archives of the National Museum of Health and Medicine

The museum, formerly called the Army Medical Museum, is now part of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, D.C. It houses millions of artifacts in a variety of historically significant collections. Selections from their photographic archives have been assembled in a Flickr photostream, which “began as unofficial ‘favorite photos’ of the staff of [...]

Stefan’s Stormtroopers

Stéfan’s Photostream at Flickr chronicles the lives of his resident stormtroopers, TK455 and TK479, and their various exploits. Above is The Alice in Wonderland Syndrome: TK455: “Didn’t I tell you not to eat it?” TK479: “Why are you suddenly a giant?”

State of Mind

From Igor Siwanowiczs’ photostream. Thanks to Alys for the tip-off!