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Top 10 Photoshop Disasters of 2012

Well, this model’s hair isn’t good enough to keep, but it’s late, and maybe I’ll fix the rest tomorrow. Or never. See the rest of the year’s most egregious image manipulations at Photoshop Disasters. Link See also: Top 10 Photoshop Disasters of 2011

Count the Photoshop Disasters

The model is lovely, but everything around her is a mess! I don’t know how many actual Photoshop mistakes this image has because they seem to run into each other, but it’s fun looking for them all. Learn more about it at Photoshop Disasters. Link

Stormtrooper Drawn with Virtual Smoke

The Photoshop is strong in this one. Kyle Schruder created this image of a stormtrooper as if it were made out of smoke: Link – See more fun and creative Star Wars fan arts [...]

Graphicus Interruptus

This Photoshop Disaster looks like a paper doll cutout! Not that there’s anything wrong with that -if you’re a little girl playing with paper. But this is an item in an online bridal catalogue. I can imagine that the editor was working late into the night combining a mannequin and a model and was so [...]

Unnatural Beauty

This Photoshop disaster looks as if someone noticed it was 5PM and went home, fully intending to finish the job the next day, but hit publish out of habit. See the entire screenshot from the J. Crew online catalog (which shows where her hair ended up) at PSDisasters. Link

Faceless Characters Tell A Different Story

These strange photo-manipulations look like a Photoshop lesson gone wrong. Photographer Nacho Ormaechea carefully selects the subject, cuts them out then replaces their form with random images that add a sense of depth, and mystery, to the scene. This is a refreshing take on portraiture, but I wonder how the models/subjects feel about being replaced? Link [...]

Cheeto, Anyone?

You’d swear that American artist Sandy Skoglund uses Photoshop, but this is a real image of a scene that she carefully staged. How did she do it, and who’s going to clean up afterwards? Visit the link to view more examples of her amazing work. Also, what’s the singular form of “Cheetos”? I can’t find a [...]

If Famous Duos/Groups Became Merged

The possibilities of Photoshop are only limited by one’s imagination. I don’t know who originally had the idea to swap facial features in pictures of more than one person, but the results can be freaky! Sometimes the whole face is swapped; sometimes it’s hard to tell where each part came from in this selection of [...]

Funny and Creepy Face Swapping Pictures

Have you ever wondered what Brad and Angelina would look like if they switched faces with each other? Or what Abraham Lincoln would look like if he was actually played by Nic Cage? Well, thanks to the magic of Photoshop, now you can -and the results are hilarious. WebUrbanist has a great collection of Photoshop [...]

You Are Not A Photographer

Ever since digital cameras and Photoshop have become commonplace in our society, more and more people have decided that they are “professional photographers” despite having no training or experience. You Are Not A Photographer compiles these terrible images in one convenient location. While some of the pictures aren’t utterly terrible, others, like the one above, [...]