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Something is Wrong

If this doesn’t bother your sense of order, or the way things should be (I’m not going to go as far as mentioning OCD, but you might), you’ll find something else that will in an imgur album full of photos with something wrong. Taken as a group, they’re pretty funny -up to the point where [...]

Delightful Behind The Scenes Photos of Godzilla

It’s sometimes fun to watch Godzilla, but no matter how much you enjoy the movie, you still aren’t having nearly as much fun as the people who worked on it and these behind-the-scenes photos from the movie prove it. Link

Obama vs. Romney Slugging it out on the Cover of The Atlantic

The Atlantic wanted to do create something different for its September 2012 cover, and got the idea to picture Obama slugging it out with Romney in the ring. Should be simple, right? Well, 9 hours of photo shoot with [...]

Meat America

Americans love meat, that’s for sure. So surely they’ll love the meat-based art by photographer Dominic Episcopo. Meat lovers, I give you: Meat America! More awesome photos over at Dominic’s website, Meat America, and his [...]

Millennium Falcon Made From Car Parts

Photos: Scott Hart/Ripley’s Before you say "What a piece of junk!" you should know that she may not know like much, but she’s got it where it counts! This 10-feet long 900 lb. Millennium Falcon replica, made entirely out of car parts, [...]

Prince Harry is Partial Owner of a Racehorse Named Usain Colt

John Stillwell/PA Photos/Landov Adrienne Crezo is on vacation this week, but she found time to share that fact with me yesterday. I am grateful. Stealing a line from our Managing Editor Jessanne Collins, I love the things that things are named. If you’d like to use this opening to come up with some punny names for [...]

PHP Tattoo

Mike M sent photos of his new tat to Geeky Tattoos. They say in PHP programming language “Nothing risked, nothing gained, nothing lost, nothing learned.” Link | Tattoo Artist: Tyson Pederson

Film Scenes, Kitty Edition

From redditor haissam93, we get four iconic film images with a cat. For reference, see the originals. He assures us the cat hated every minute of it, and if there are more photos to come, he and his sister will have to use a different cat. LinkĀ  -via reddit

How to Dance Goth

(vimeo link) So many, many webs! This instructional film was shown at the Hubba Hubba Revue Goth Show. Photos of the video shoot are available at Flickr. Link -via Metafilter

Dew-Soaked Dandelions

When I see these photos by Sharon Johnstone, I imagine wondrous alien cities in the clouds. What do you see? You can find more at the link. Link -via Colossal