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Animated Street Art

I’d like to say that you could see a display like this in real life, but this animated .gif is actually a series of photographs taken in sequence. Street artist INSA made it and others by painstakingly painting each frame. You can see other such animated works by INSA at the link. Link | Artist’s Website

Curiosity finds evidence of old streambed

The Mars Curiosity rover has come across evidence of ancient flowing streams in several locations. New photographs returned from the rover show expose…

Glowing blue lights wash up in Japan

Photographs of strange glowing blue objects on a Japanese shoreline have been circulating the Internet. The mysterious objects washed up on a beach in…

Mystery creature washes up in New York

Photographs of a mysterious carcass likened to the ‘Montauk Monster’ have been circulating the internet. The pictures were taken by Denise Ginley who …

This Picture Is Worth A Thousand Calories

Cocoagraph is a Philadelphia based company that sells a rather unique confection- edible chocolate photographs available in four flavors all ready to print and eat. I’m not sure why you would want to eat a photo, but the Cocoagraph seems like a fun gift, and the act of eating a photo bar makes for a great [...]

Annular Eclipse Photographs

This image of the annular solar eclipse was taken last night by redditor Titibu. It is from a reddit thread of eclipse photos taken in Japan, where you’ll find many other great shots of the “ring of fire.” Link This picture is from redditor FANGO. It’s from another thread of eclipse photographs, where you’ll find links [...]

Revenge of the Meerkat

(YouTube link) Mattias Klum tries to get meerkats to sit still for photographs. The meerkats, however, don’t take him seriously at all. -Thanks, Marilyn Terrell!

Visualization of All Photos Uploaded to Flickr in a Single Day

How many photos are uploaded to Flickr every day? If you say, "a lot" you’d be right – but how can one best visualize the million plus photos that are uploaded every day? Artist Erik Kessels created an exhibit, on display at [...]

‘Fireball’ UFOs sighted in South Africa

Skygazers in Free State remain puzzled over sightings of a number of strange fireballs in the sky. Riaan van Greuning took photographs on Sunday night…

Viewfinder Bracelet

Etsy seller Beth Tastic took photographs and coated them with resin to produce this gorgeous bracelet. It’d be a fine way to preserve special memories. Link -via Dude Craft