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Behind a Frozen Waterfall

Minneapolis-based photographer Matt Sepeta captured this image of the frozen Minnehaha Falls. Located in a Minneapolis park, Minnehaha Falls are near the point where the Mississippi River and Minnehaha Creek converge.

2D Paper Art Depicting Scenes From Movies And Video Games

Who knew sheets of paper cut into interesting shapes could be so exciting to stare at?! Photographer and avid gamer David A. Reeves cuts paper into miniature silhouettes of scenes from movies and video games, then he takes pictures of them in a series of works best described as freeze frame shadow puppet theater. Link  –via Kotaku

Misa and Her Cat

Photographer Miyoko Ihara documented the 12-year relationship between her grandmother Misa and her cat in the book Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat. The two are inseparable and do everything together. See more wonderful pictures of them at Buzzfeed. Link (Image credit: Miyoko Ihara)

The Best Wildlife Photography of 2012

There were more than 48,000 entries in the Veolia Environmental Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, but only 100 winners. Luciano Candisani won the category of Behaviour: Cold-Blooded Animals with his snap of a friendly fellow that he met while snorkeling. You can view all of the winners at the link. Link -via Colossal | Photographer’s Website

The Apology Van

Photographer Tom Wilkinson snapped a photo of this apology van, parked up next to a busy roundabout outside Shildon, County Durham, England, with the text: Linda I’m sorry I’m a fool and an [...]

David Chambon’s Dew-Covered Insects

Like Ondrej Pakan, David Chambon takes amazing pictures of ordinary insects covered with fine layers of dew. They don’t seem to mind a bit. Photographer’s Website -via Colossal

Sad Portraits Of Celebrity Impersonators

What is it about this portrait series by photographer Nicolas Silberfaden that makes them so touching? Maybe it’s because we only see impersonators when they’re in character, and these photos show them as the vulnerable human beings they are beneath the costume. Perhaps we actually expect them to act like the characters they’re portraying at all times, [...]

Watch A Man Age 12 Years In About 8 Minutes

(YouTube Link) Photographer Noah Kalina braved the inherent fear of aging and took 4,514 portraits of himself over 12 years, then he put them all together in video form, adding a suitably eerie electronic track for aural effect. Since this is the follow up to his previous 6 year record, I’m sure he’ll keep checking in with [...]

She Has Waited Too Long

Fashion photographer Pauline Darley, along with make up artist Mademoiselle Mu and hairstylist Sophie Haise turned model Clémentine Levy into a skeletal beauty. The hauntingly gorgeous photo series, done for Ever Magazine, is titled [...]


Photographer Jean-Paul Bourdier’s most recent book, Bodyscapes, shows the nude human form painted to blend in with scenic landscapes. The results are gorgeous. You can see several examples of his work at the link. Content warning: artistic nudity. Link | Artist’s Website