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Images Of People Stuck In Uncomfortable Positions

Photographer and digital artist Lee Materazzi enjoys putting his subjects into uncomfortable positions via photo manipulation. How they got there is a backstory you’ll have to create for yourself… Link  –via Beautiful/Decay  

Michael Jantzen Deconstructs The Suburbs

Designer Michael Jantzen has an interesting idea about the future of (sub)urban renewal-let it all fall down. His photo manipulation series illustrates what our neighborhoods would look like in the hands of architects more concerned with form than function. When deconstruction becomes the latest fad in suburban architecture, we’ll all have to sleep in tents on the [...]

What Pokeballs Would Look Like In Real Life

Who knew that pokeballs, the devices used by the characters in the anime series Pokemon to capture their little critter pals, would be so beautiful in real life? Created via photo manipulation by DeviantARTist wazzy88, their elemental contents look so real, like they could burst out at any moment in a surge of bling. No [...]

Political Photo Manipulations

Surely you recognize the classic picture of Lincoln seen on the left, but did you know it is actually an early example of political photo manipulation? The image was originally Southern politician John Calhoun and Lincoln’s head was added to the image along with the words “union,” “constitution,” and “proclamation of freedom” in place of [...]