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Giant QR Code Cake

This is probably the world’s tastiest QR code ever! To celebrate New Year, Chinese Internet company Tencent commissioned a giant cake shaped like a QR code and served it to 20,000 people: The cake, which takes up a floor area of 36 [...]

Meet Kidogo, the Tightrope Walking Gorilla

Photo: Magnus Neuhaus/Zoo Krefeld When Kidogo got homesick, zookeepers decided that the 12-year-old gorilla needed a hobby. But what they didn’t know was how the gorilla would become quite the tightrope artist. Just look [...]

The Border Between Heaven and Earth

The world’s largest salt flats in Bolivia create a striking illusion when the sky is reflected on its surface. Walking across the flats people and vehicles appear to be floating in the clouds as shown in this amazing photo gallery. Link

Giant, Driveable Radio Flyer Wagon

Fred Geller and Judy Foster of Anchorage, Alaska, needed a retirement project. They settled on building a giant version of the classic Radio Flyer toy wagon. It’s built on the chassis of a 1976 Mazda pickup truck, so it can move under its own power. Fred Keller and Judy Foster worked on the car for [...]

China’s 56 Ethnic Groups

The vast majority (>90%) of Chinese are Han Chinese. The remainder are distributed among 55 other ethnic groups. This diversity was awkwardly displayed during the opening ceremonies of the last Olympic games, when a parade of 56 children representing those groups was later revealed to have been comprised of 56 Han Chinese children wearing the [...]