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Shaolin Monk Walking on the Wall

Photo: Tomasz Gudozowaty Oh, don’t mind the monks of Shaolin. That one above is just walkin’ along the wall, as photographed by award-winning photographer Tomasz Gudozowaty in his photo essay series Shaolin Temple. Visual News [...]

Inaccessible Gift

Redditor lahaff got his brother a Christmas gift and was determined to wrap it in a manner that would take all day to unwrap it. First, he welded it inside a metal casing. But that’s just the first step! See the rest of the process in a wordless photo essay that will leave you shaking [...]

Born This Way Blog

A Los Angeles based blogger by the name of Paul V. has created an interesting, sort of, online photo essay. The Born This Way Blog is a space where gay men and women are encouraged to post childhood photos and stories of themselves. The goal is to show that they were born this way. “People need [...]

The Middle Classes of Africa

When it comes to African culture, it seems all Westerners hear about is the poor, starving children, the rich warlords who control them and the corrupt politicians who do nothing about it. In actuality though, Africa does have a middle class, albeit smaller than those seen in more economically developed areas. A recent photo essay takes [...]