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DIY Hovercraft

Photo: David Clugston This looks like something fun you can build for/with your dad on Father’s Day weekend: Adam Savage of Mythbusters built his own hovercraft out of plywood, leaf blower, shower curtain, duct [...]

Embarrassing Hair Loss Ad

The best actors are ones that you don’t have to pay for. The Canadian ad agency Rethink makes good use of bald commuters on rapid transit trains by exposing their heads for all to see. Link -via Super Punch | Photo: David Niddrie

Toy Car Rainbow

Photo: David T Waller/Flickr What to do with 2,500 old toy cars? Arrange them chromatically into a wonderful piece of art, of course. That’s what UK artist David T. Waller did with this fantastic [...]

Key Guns

Imagine that you’re a jailer in the Nineteenth Century. You have to open an occupied cell, perhaps to transfer a prisoner or deliver a meal. To open the cell, you need your hands free. But that would leave you unarmed. The solution is a key gun: a gadget that opens the cell while the jailer [...]

Poké Beer, I Choose You!

Photo:David Schwen [Flickr] David Schwen created this nifty can of Poké Beer. Gotta drink ‘em all! See the rest of his Poké stuff here: Link (Don’t miss the Poké Banana!)