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Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love

If anyone can teach us about love, it should be the great philosophers. But as it turns out, a lover of wisdom and a wise lover are two very different things. JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU Putting Babies in the Corner One of the most important figures of the French Enlightenment, Jean-Jacques Rousseau believed that humankind’s natural state had been [...]

Bath Tub Buggy

The American philosopher Homer Simpson once praised the concept of the motorhome as “a car I can go to the bathroom in.” The custom-built (no, sadly, this was not a production vehicle) Bath Tub Buggy made by George Barris during the 60s and 70s is the fulfillment of this dream: The design features a bathroom. In [...]

Professor writes atheist bible

AC Grayling has put together a new book with the aim of giving atheists their own bible. “The Good Book” combines the wisdom of well known philosopher…

Extreme Bathroom Graffiti

This picture shows a school restroom stall on which someone has written the entire first chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Schools have much nicer restrooms now than when I was a student. Link -via The Daily What

This Much I Know by AC Grayling

Philosopher AC Grayling shares his nuggets of wisdom in The Guardian’s highly enjoyable This much I know series: Science is the outcome of being prepared to live without certainty and therefore a mark of maturity. It embraces doubt and loose ends. I’m not sure it is possible to think too much. You don’t refresh your mind by [...]