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Lectures for a New Year: Philip Glass Performs “Mad Rush”

In 1979, Philip Glass wrote a solo piano piece called “Mad Rush” (a piece of “indefinite length”) in honor of the 14th Dalai Lama’s visit to North America. I find the piece very moving — there’s something simultaneously contemplative and urgent about the music. I listen to it a lot while writing, in [...]

The Late Movies: Math, Music, Video

Russian artist Tatiana Plakhova makes music portraits — detailed illustrations based on the mathematical structure of music. Her most interesting visualizations are based on the work of Philip Glass. (If you’re not familiar with Glass, his music tends to have repeated musical phrases, and he does a lot of movie scores. It’s [...]

Tall Painting

(Video Link) There’s something very soothing about this presentation. It’s a time-lapse video of people pouring paint over a rectangular solid while Philip Glass’ String Quartet No. 3 plays in the background. The art is by Holton Rower and the video is directed by Dave Kaufman. via The Presurfer | Rower’s Website

Required Viewing: IBM’s “They Were There”

It’s hard to believe that IBM is 100 years old (well, nearly — it turns 100 on June 16, 2011). Yet, watching this newly released 30-minute documentary, the point is driven home: IBMers were indeed there at many crucial points in American technological history. They invented so many devices and systems we take for granted [...]

Best Sesame Street Videos We Posted in 2009

This year I posted a bunch of Sesame Street videos. YouTube is a wonderful thing, and what’s better is that the folks at Sesame Street post tons of clips online, and don’t seem to file many rights complaints against others who post clips. For your convenience, I’ve collected the best of this year’s Sesame Street [...]