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Health for Sale

This French medical poster is from a exhibit called “Health for Sale: Posters from the William H. Helfand Collection” currently at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Strange how vintage art and the French language can make even syphilis seem somehow more benign. A dozen such posters can be seen at PBS. Link -Thanks, Travis Daub!

Statues from Movies and TV

Detroit mayor Dave Bing reached out to citizens of the internet for suggestions for how to invigorate his city. One of the suggestions that came in yesterday was that Detroit should erect a statue of Robocop, from the 1987 film Robocop, which was set in Detroit. The mayor seemed to dismiss the idea out of [...]


One-sheets are what movie marketing people call movie posters. It’s what you see hanging in movie theater lobbies, plastered on billboards, and (with some variations) on the DVD box. In other words, it’s an image known as the key art; the piece of art that cuts through the clutter of trailers and movie clips and [...]