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Saturn’s Swirling Megastorm That’s Bigger Than Multiple Earths

The colored swirls indicate the tail end of Saturn’s massive storm that occurred sometime between 2010 and 2011. Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science East Coasters panicked by this weekend’s oncoming Frankenstorm haven’t seen anything yet. New readings from NASA’s Cassini orbital spacecraft have discovered that a massive maelstrom first spotted on Saturn in 2010 was more intense than initially [...]

A Dalek Finds Inspiration

Now we know where Daleks get their extermination techniques. Blame the Bad Astronomer! Link -via Phil Plait

How to Watch Tonight’s “Curiosity” Rover Landing

NASA’s latest and greatest Mars rover, known as Curiosity, will attempt to land on Mars early Monday morning (or late Sunday night, depending on where you are on Earth). The landing is scheduled for 05:31 (UTC), which is Monday morning at 1:31am Eastern in the US, or 10:31pm Pacific time Sunday night. Because [...]

There are two kinds of people in the world…

Dr. Phil Plait has them all figured out. But you know, this could be made into a flowchart, with people being born flowing into the right circle, a trickle of people flowing from the right to the left, and because of the death rate, there would be outflow from both circles. Read plenty more geeky [...]

From Rocket Science to Firefighting: Why We Should Continue to Fund Science

The left image on the top is the vortex combustion technology, developed by Orbital Technologies Corporation and NASA. In that technology, rocket fuel is fed into the combustion chamber in such a way to create a swirling [...]

Cosmic Pictures from the AAS

The semi-annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society was held in Austin recently, and many space images were shared. Dr. Phil Plait was not at the meeting, so the other astronomers sent him pictures, which he put into a gallery at Bad Astronomy. Each has a link to more information about the picture. The image [...]

Top 24 Deep Space Pictures of 2011

Last week, Phil Plait posted his year-end gallery of the best pictures taken from space. Now you can see his picks for the best pictures of deep space, really deep, like these galaxies that are 300 million light years away. Because they’re big, sometimes galaxies get close together. Too close. Close enough that their gravity can [...]

Scientists of the Internet in Lego

Maia Weinstock enshrined your favorite internet scientists, science bloggers, and science journalists in Lego! The project is called Scitweeps, as each person is identified by their Twitter feed. Pictured here is @badastronomer (Dr. Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy Blog). How many do you recognize? See the entire collection in her Flickr set. Link -via Boing [...]

Space Valentines

Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy Blog has a collection of astronomical images that display valentine heart shapes -which just goes to show you can find anything if you look heart, er, hard enough. This picture is of the W5 star-forming region taken by the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). The gallery ends with an extremely [...]

The Top 14 Astronomy Pictures of 2010

Dr. Phil Plait has published his selections of the best astronomy pictures of 2010. Not only will you see awesome pictures, but each has an explanation, like the full version of the cropped picture you see here. Whenever a new type of instrument is used to examine the skies, surprises are guaranteed. And when the Wide-Field [...]