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The Most Artistic Bananas You’ve Ever Seen

You already know that bananas turn brown when they’re bruised, so the concept of banana art being made with nothing more than a push pin makes sense. Even so, the how-to video is still pretty impressive, as are the resulting artworks and the rotting process afterward. These creations are part of a larger project by artist [...]

Portraits Of 38 Badasses Drawn On Whiteboard Shirt

(YouTube Link) Okay, I have to get my hands on one of these awesome whiteboard shirts! However, I’m guessing it’s pretty hard to draw upside down, at least until your brain gets used to it. Become a master like Phil Hansen, who quickly sketches 38 different portraits of cinematic badasses on his shirt, and you too can [...]

Hokusai’s The Great Wave Painted Using Coke

(YouTube Link) Who knew that Coke and traditional Japanese art were the two great tastes that taste great together? Watch Phil Hansen go to work on a gigantic reproduction of Hokusai’s painting “The Great Wave of Kanagawa” using a most refreshing medium-Coca Cola! He will even show you how you can try your hand at painting with Coke, [...]