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Magnetic reversal hints in Earth’s core

The Earth’s magnetic field may flip every few thousand years due to lopsided growth of the planet’s core. Scientists investigating the phenomenon of m…

News producer photographs ’sun pillar’

Kim Insley noticed the phenomenon in a picture of a sunrise taken by producer Bea Chang. A ’sun pillar’ is a streak of light extending vertically abov…

Full Double Rainbow Photos And Video

A Double Rainbow photographer Guy who has taken pictures real-life double rainbow lit up the Los Angeles area this evening — all the way across the sky, according to witnesses. A Double rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the Sun shines on to [...]

10 Amazing Phenomenon of a Normal Human Mind

10 Amazing Phenomenon of a Normal Human MindThe basic fact you should know is that your mind isn’t just a mirror, not even a passive observer of reality. What we assume out there in the world we stand in, is actually coming from in here. And we have come up with these few phenomenons which [...]

Rare self-rolling snow balls found in UK

Large self-rolling snowballs are a phenomenon usually found in remote, frozen regions but now they are turning up in the UK. In something akin to the …

The Green Flash

The “green flash” is not a superhero, but an optical phenomenon more talked about than seen. The truth is the green flash does exist and its cause is well understood. Just as the setting Sun disappears completely from view, a last glimmer appears startlingly green… The effect is typically visible only from locations with a low, [...]

‘Magnetic electricity’ discovered

The magnetic equivalent to electricity has been discovered, dubbed magnetricity the phenomenon involves the use of magnetic monopoles that exist i…

Postmodern Vacation Graph

We go on vacation to unwind, and relieve stress. Well, at least that used to be the case. I hear and see this phenomenon more and more often, although I’m relatively good at avoiding it. PHD Comics has a great assortment of funnies, for the cubicle minded. Link via Digg

Mammatus Clouds

Photo: Mark Gallagher Resembling something out of Independence Day, or the arrival of Cthulu, Mammatus Clouds are a meteorological phenomenon caused by sagging cellular accumulations produced in clouds of ice and water, and usually mean a fierce storm is trying to develop. Tending to form in warmer months over the Midwest and eastern areas of the US, [...]

Upwards lightning caught on film

Scientists have succeeded in photographing the rare phenomenon of “upwards lightning”, also known as “gigantic jets” these bolts can be just as po…