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Political Partisanship Gap is Larger Than Ever

It’s not just your imagination or the wild claims of media: political partisanship is indeed growing. Annual polling by the Pew Research Center showed how partisan polarization rose sharply in the past several years: As Americans head to the polls this November, [...]

The Matrix with A Cappella Sound Effects

(Video Link) Matt Mulholland, a vocal artist, recreated the soundtrack and sound effects from the lobby shootout scene in The Matrix. The only instrument that he used was his own mouth. Pew pew! Artist’s Website -via Geekologie

In This Video Game, Say Outloud "Pew Pew Pew" to Fire Your Weapon

(Video Link) Incredible Ape, a company consisting of Josh Schonstal and Ian Brock, developed a computer game called Pew Pew Pew. It’s a simple shooting game. When you need to fire your weapon, just say into the microphone “pew pew pew”. The above video is from a demonstration at Global Game Jam 2011. Link via DVICE