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I think pets should be named purely based on pun potential. Works for me! A comic from The Joy Cannon. Link -via Tastefully Offensive

You’ve Never Seen A Fart This Cute Before

(Video Link) Toot! Toot! Here’s the iguana fart train. The best part is that it actually seems to push the little guy up in the air a little. Via Pets Lady

What If Your Friends Really Acted Like Cats and Dogs?

(Video Link) You’d probably get a pet rock. There are behaviors that we tolerate in our pets but no one else in our lives, as this short film by Fatawesome illustrates. -via Daily of the Day | Official Website

Horror Movies for Your Pets

Just because you’ve filled up your dog’s food dish every day for his entire life is no reason to conclude that you’ll do so tomorrow. This and other terrors from the mind of Jeff Wysaski are sure to give your pets nightmares. Link

10 Funny and Weird Cat Halloween Costumes

Pets Lady’s Halloween coverage of animals in costume has been pretty great, but this Cthulhu cat photo from their list of spooky cat costumes just might be my new favorite cat costume of all time…and that’s saying a lot.

Dramatic Cat is Dramatic

(Video Link) Buhm Buhm Buuuuuuhhhhmmmmm!!!! Via Pets Lady

But Mooooom I Don’t Wanna Learn to Swim

(Video Link) When you spend most of your life in the water, you need to learn how to get around at some point. Here’s mommy teaching him how to get back to the surface so he can breathe. They may be the most dangerous animal on Earth, but they certainly are adorable. Via Pets Lady

This Little Guy Needs A Nap

(Video Link) Life is so hard when you live in front of the camera. You get so tired, but they keep telling you to entertain the viewers until you just can’t keep your eyes open any more. Via Pets Lady

The Cat Tunnel Couch

Well, we know who rules the roost in this house! The Cat Tunnel Couch by Korean designer Seungji Mun is perfect for people who want to design their living rooms around their pets. It looks like a toddler or two may fit in there as well. See pictures of the building of the couch at [...]

10 Seriously Talented Pets

(Video Link) Think America’s Got Talent has some great acts? Just wait until you see Pets Lady’s top ten talented pets. Just look at this gorgeous husky singing along to Gwen Stefani. Link