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But Did She Blind Him With Science?

It can’t be said that they lack chemistry, that’s for sure. While we’ve featured plenty of geeky weddings, I think this might be the first one based on science. And the theme penetrated every aspect of the wedding: “They fell in love with the idea of the scientific geek wedding theme because of the incorporation of a [...]

Molecular Gastronomy Birthday Party

Arielle Clementine threw a surprise birthday party for her friend Dustin, featuring a science theme throughout. The drinks were served in test tubes, the food in Petri dishes, and the birthday cake was decorated with a periodic table! But the menu was out of this world, featuring Korean Pork Belly Ssäm garnished with Pop Rocks, [...]

The Evolutionary Advantage to Eating Burgers

Ah, the sacrifices that lab mice made. All that perfectly seared tiny organic burger that they have to eat. You know, for science. Here’s how researchers at Harvard University subjected mice to delicious food in [...]

Art Created From Bacteria

Over at Neatorama, we have a lot of scientific-minded readers, many of whom aren’t particularly impressed with some of the art projects we post here. Hopefully this microbial art will be an exception though as it takes some scientific materials, bacteria and Petri dishes, to make some really cool designs. Check out works from a [...]

Scientists and Their Belly Button Biomes

Who has more bacteria in their navel -Carl Zimmer of The Loom or Peter Aldhous of NewScientist? The swabs have been taken, and the cultures were grown. You can see the results in petri dishes. It’s part of the Belly Button Biodiversity Project led by Jiri Hulcr of North Carolina State University. The project was conceived [...]

Mario in a Petri Dish

When microbiologists aren’t curing diseases, they create works of art in petri dishes. In fact, they have an annual competition at the international Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) conference. This entry, inspired by Super Mario Bros., was submitted by the nanobiology laboratory at the University of Osaka. You can view a gallery of petri dish art [...]