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A Petition to End Petitions

(YouTube link) It’s so annoying when people stop you on the street to sign a petition that Scott Rogowsky of someecards asked people to sign a petition to stop that sort of thing. Some folks took the time to explain the absurdity of the project to him. -via Laughing Squid

Thousands petition Obama over ET contact

The White House will be allegedly obligated to respond if 17,000 more signatures are collected. The petition is aimed at asking the government to form…

Democratic Incumbent Couldn’t Run on Party Ticket Because He Didn’t Sign His Own Petition

Michael Heagerty was already well known locally as the incumbent Syracuse Common Councilor.  Now that he won’t be running for re-election as a Democrat, he is perhaps a little better known. Mr. Heagerty fell short one signature to run for re-election as the Democratic nominee for his current position.  However, had he signed his own name [...]