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Spider-Man at 50

The Amazing Spider-Man #692 is the 50th anniversary issue of the Spider-Man comic books. To honor the occasion, Spider-Man, whose alter ego Peter Parker is now a scientist in his 30’s, gets a teenage sidekick. It’ a big step that shows how far the character has grown from his roots as a shy teenager that [...]

An Adorable Geeky Love Song

(Video Link) In case you needed help understanding the lyrics so you can appreciate the true geekiness, here’s a short exerpt: You’ll be you’ll be my Superman, my Bruce Wayne. You’re Peter Parker without his Mary Jane. Let’s go to the world of comic books and lose ourselves there, where you’ll be my hero in the air. If you need [...]

The Quick 10: The 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes

Remember how much fun it was to get a new costume for Halloween? It was such a big decision. Apparently a lot of us make the same decision, though – you’ll probably see a variety of these 10 characters on your doorstep this Halloween. 10. Athlete. Football players, soccer players, cheerleaders. 9. Disney princess. [...]