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Real life Star Trek Tricorder developed

Dr. Peter Jansen has built a measuring device very much like those used in the Star Trek universe. “Star Trek inspired me to be a scientist,” he said….

Functional Star Trek Tricorder

The glorious march to making Star Trek real continues! We already have PADDs. Now, thanks to Peter Jansen, a researcher at the University of Arizona, we have a Next Generation-style science tricorder. Its sensors can measure temperature, humidity, magnetic fields, color, atmospheric pressure and more. Okay, that’s done. Dr. Jansen, please get to work on a [...]

Peter Jansen’s Sculptures in Motion

Dutch artist Peter Jansen creates polyamide and bronze sculptures that look like a split second in time. They don’t actually move, but they look like they are in motion. Perhaps appropriately, he started out as a physics student rather than as an artist. Link via Dyscario