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Meet 5 Pioneering Women

March is Women’s History Month, because women make history, even when they don’t make the history books. It’s not always easy to find the fascinating females hidden among the archives of those who settled the United States. Whether they are builders, barrier breakers, victims, or criminals, here are five interesting women whose stories were left [...]

Hamster-Powered Submarine

Don’t worry, PETA! No hamsters were harmed in the making of this epic Hamster-powered Soda Bottle Submarine (Material cost of this awesomeness? $57!). Behold, HMS Hamstar! Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] | HMS [...]

PETA demands highway memorials for cows

The animal rights group believes cattle killed on the roads should have memorials built for them. PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals )…

23 Bizarre Things Ceremonially Dropped on New Year’s Eve

Don’t live anywhere near New York City, but still desperate to see something – anything – drop during a countdown to 2012 on New Year’s Eve? We can help. (Well, we can help some of you. You might have to go on a road trip.) Check out these places that have put their own twists on [...]

PETA: Mario Kills Tanooki

In the new Super Mario 3D Land game, Mario has special abilities when he wears the Tanooki Suit – but think about it. Where did he get such a suit? From a dead Tanooki, a Japanese raccoon dog, of course! PETA, understandably, [...]

Caution: Exotic Animals

A Zanesville, Ohio, man who owned a large private menagerie of tigers, lions, bears and monkeys opened the cages to many of the exotic animals then killed himself in his home Tuesday. Around 5:30pm, his neighbors began calling the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office to report sightings of animals wandering off of Terry Thompson’s land. When police [...]

10 Other People Who’ve Been Pied

Image credit: @DanJHayes News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch took a shaving cream pie to the face today during his hearing before a committee of the British Parliament on the phone-hacking scandal. Good thing we had this list handy. 1. Singer and activist Anita Bryant was hit in the face with a pie in 1977, in Des Moines. [...]

Mario Meets With His Agent (plus: Luigi’s real voice)

It’s not easy being Mario. He’s in trouble with PETA, he has to change his name, he has to give up the love of his life… I guess it’s all worth it to be a hit video game star, though… right? Link via [Geeks Are Sexy]

PETA Offers $1 Million Prize for Lab-Grown Meat

No stranger to controversy and publicity stunts, PETA is back – and this time, the animal rights group is putting money where its mouth is: PETA is offering a $1 million reward to the first scientist to produce and bring to market lab-grown meat. Scientists around the world are researching or seeking the funds to research [...]

Knut Has Passed Away

Video link I’m sure many of you are familiar with the German superstar bear, Knut. He rose to stardom when his mother abandoned him at birth. A keeper at the Berlin Zoo stepped in and raised the cub from childhood, feeding him from a bottle, cuddling him, playing with him and otherwise rearing the little one. [...]