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Wheel Clamp Man: Hero or Villain?

A caped crusader who named himself the Wheel Clamp Man found his calling when he got clamped one day. Now, the mystery man with a Zapata mustache and green leotard roams the city of [...]

Spider Named for Sir David Attenborough

A newly-discovered species of goblin spider has been named in honor of British TV naturalist David Attenborough, and is now classified as Prethopalpus attenboroughi. The informal name will be Attenborough’s goblin spider. In an acceptance speech in Perth, Western Australia, Sir David said about his new namesake: “I take it that it is careful in its [...]

The Late Movies: 11 Animals Celebrating Their Birthdays in Style

Remember the excitement and joy you felt as a child when your annual birthday celebration finally rolled around? You can capture that feeling again, at least to some extent, by enjoying these fun videos of pets and zoo animals celebrating in delightful fashion. A Panda Here’s Yun Zi from the San Diego Zoo digging into her ice [...]

The Definition of "So Ugly It’s Cute"

Meet the newest critter at Perth’s Zoo, a baby echidna. It’s even known by an adorable/ugly name, as echidna babies are called “puggles.” There are even more pictures over at the link. Link

Fireworks and Lightning and Comets, Oh My!

(C) Antti Kemppainen Sometimes nature is more amazing than whatever we can dream up. Though the photo above looks like some sort of special-effects shot from a movie about alien invasion on the Fourth of July, it’s really just a beach in Perth, Australia. That’s where photographer Antti Kemppainen took this photo, back in January 2007. It was [...]

R.I.P. Claude Choules

Claude Stanley Choules died today at a nursing home in Perth, Australia, at the age of 110. Choules was the last known combat veteran of World War I. World War I was raging when Choules began training with the British Royal Navy, just one month after he turned 14. In 1917, he joined the battleship HMS [...]

Couple Encounters 6 Natural Disasters on Honeymoon

Stefan and Erika Svanstrom of Stockholm have had an eventful honeymoon. So far, they’ve endured a snowstorm in Munich, Germany, a cyclone that struck Cairns, Australia, the floods of Brisbane, Australia, the wildfires in Perth, Australia, the earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand, and then the earthquake in Japan: The family returned to Stockholm on March [...]

Baby Numbats

I’ve learned two things from this post over about ZooBorns. First, there’s such a thing as a numbat: a termite eating marsupial that lives in Australia. Second, numbat babies are so darned cute! The Perth Zoo has successfully hand-reared four baby Numbats after keepers noticed they were not suckling and losing weight. Numbats are termite-eating marsupials [...]

The Late Movies: Politicians Who Play

I posted a video of Richard Nixon playing the piano this morning, and it got me to wondering — what other politicians have musical talent? Let’s find out — to YouTube! There’s Condi Rice, of course, who’s a classically-trained pianist. Here she is playing for the Queen of England. Here’s Bill Clinton playing the sax on Arsenio [...]

Man Collects His Own Belly Button Lint for 26 Years

Over 26 years, Graham Barker of Perth, Australia, collected 22.1 grams of belly button lint. After saving it in three jars, he recently sold his collection to a museum: “The raw material is worthless but as a unique world record collection and a piece of cultural heritage, of debatable merit, it has some curiosity value,” he [...]