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Illegal Parkting

A criminal mastermind in Hoboken, New Jersey was caught when his forged parking permit fell prey to an unusually observant enforcer: The 24-year-old man’s fake permit spelled it “parkting,” a dead giveway for an eagle-eyed parking utility worker who noticed the Acura TSX sedan parked at 225 Monroe St. at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The parking utility [...]

Birth of a Shoe Company

The Twenty-Second Rule of Acquisition says that “A wise man can hear profit in the wind.” He sense opportunities and maneuvers around obstacles with ingenuity. That’s what fashion mogul Kenneth Cole did in 1982, when he was just getting started in the business. He needed to show his shoes at a New York City fair, [...]

The Final Journey Home

Larry Marten wanted to build a coffin for his father as one last gift. Making the finely-crafted coffin, complete with parts saved from his father’s life, was easy compared to negotiating the bureaucracy involved in burying the dead. He was required to get a permit from the county to transport his father. The woman at the [...]