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The Periodic Table Table

(YouTube link) We’ve linked to Theo Gray’s Periodic Table Table that contains samples of elements in the table. More than once, in fact, but that’s been years ago. Now you get to meet the man who co-founded Wolfram Research, in this video in which he explains how the Periodic Table Table came to be. Learn more [...]

So You Need a Typeface

I’m kind of a font addict, so I love this print by Scribble on Everything over at Felt and Wire Shop (click on the picture to see the whole thing, enlarged). Poor Comic Sans just can’t catch a break, can it? Also cool: the Periodic Table of Typefaces. Link

Periodic Table of Storytelling

deviantART user ComputerSherpa created a periodic table as a means of organizing the major tropes that can be found in popular stories. Pictured above is one small selection. When ComputerSherpa offered this to his classmates for critique, one cleverly suggested that it be used as a dartboard. Link

Puppies Wearing Hats Eating Bacon Sharing Facts (about elements)

The Periodic Table is full of fascinating facts? Why, that’s elementary, my dear Rover.

Periodic Table of Smellements

Natalie Dee of the webcomic Married to the Sea organized and categorized elemental smells into a periodic table. Sure, you can probably think of other smells, but they’re really just compounds of these, right? Link via Geekologie | Natalie Dee’s Website