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The Perfect Scent: Chanel No. 5

How do you make the perfect perfume? Start with one that already failed twice. Octogenarians are rarely described as “seductive.” But when a 2009 poll asked 3,000 British newspaper readers to name the world’s most seductive scent, the winner was no spring chicken. Nearly nine decades after its creation, Chanel No. 5 took the title. The [...]

‘Eau de MacBook Pro’ perfume developed

Air Aroma have released a bizarre perfume that smells like a new Apple product being opened. Experts came up with the fragrance for ‘Eau de MacBook Pr…

Should Perfumes Be Banned?

Ever get a headache from smelling someone’s overly-strong perfume? Well, then you’d probably appreciate what New Hampshire state representative Michele Peckham is trying to do. She has introduced a bill to ban state employees [...]

Que: The BBQ-Scented Perfume

(Video Link) It is, of course, important to be specific about what sort of barbecue this perfume smells like. Less civilized areas (meaning those outside of Texas) create true culinary abominations and label them as barbecue. I looking at you, Memphis. So assuming that true and not heretical barbecue is the foundation for the perfume, this commercial is [...]

"Blood" perfumes ideal for vampires

Two Italian entrepreneurs have launched a perfume inspired by the scent of human blood. The “Blood Concept” scent comes in four varieties named after …

Perfume That Makes You Smell Like a Library

Perfumer Christopher Brosius has produced a perfume that’s supposed to make you smell like a library. It’s called “In the Library.” Link via Marginal Revolution