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Superhero Themed Mother’s Day Cards

Show Mom your nerdy side by sending her one of these comic book inspired Mother’s Day cards, she might not get the reference but I’m sure she’ll appreciate the gesture! Some of these cards are a bit maudlin, but considering that a parent’s death is often what spurs a hero into action their darkly comedic tone [...]

Inside Cyriak’s Brain

(YouTube link) In Cyriak Harris‘ new video, Because, we get to see what he looks like -sort of. His explanation: So I found a stupid photo of my face and decided to make a video out of it. Why? Just because. Its all done with 3d layers in Adobe After Effects, it also gave my computer severe indigestion [...]

Screenshots of Despair

Every once in a while, a message pops up on your computer that makes perfect sense for what you’re doing at the time, but you might notice how dreadfully depressing it could be out of context. You’re not the only one who noticed that, and that’s how the site Screenshots of Despair came about. Looking [...]

Android Anatomy Reveals What Lies Beneath Their Robotic Skins

This series by illustrator Yves Joe Malgorn should be subtitled Visible Robot, and it reveals what lies beneath the skin of some of pop culture’s most beloved droids like C-3PO, Bender, Mickey Mouse and Marilyn Monroe? Apparently the illustrator believes that he is an android, and therefore other humans (especially females) must be full of robotic [...]

The Bark Side

(YouTube link) Volkswagen unveils their Super Bowl ad campaign. If you sold cars and were going to advertise during a football game, it only makes sense that you would feature dogs barking the Imperial March. Makes perfect sense! -via reddit

Angry Birdsky

This makes perfect sense! Banksy’s Flowerchucker and the video game Angry Birds were made for each other! Flickr user bortwein75 dreamed up this mashup. You can see variations of it at the link. Link via Technabob | Previously: Banksy Painting Costume

Why It’s Called Pi

It all makes perfect sense now. I don’t know the original source for this image. If I find who did it, I’ll celebrate by calculating the area of a blackberry pie. -via Digg