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18-Round Pepperbox Pistol

Gilles Mariette, a Nineteenth Century Belgian gunmaker, designed pepperbox pistols. Working from the principle that you can never have too much ammunition, he designed handguns with increasingly large numbers of barrels. This double action percussion cap model contained 18, but Mariette appears to have gone as high as 24. More Information | Photos: Horst Held

A Gun Designed to Fit inside a Coffin and Shoot Grave Robbers

In the America of a century ago, grave robbing was a lucrative business. The deceased didn’t seem to mind, but their living relatives did. So they often went to great lengths to secure the bodies, including the use of steel cages.  But the best defense is a strong offense, so the more serious graveyard keepers used guns [...]

Rare Muzzleloading Chain Gun

(Video Link) This odd-looking rifle invented in 1854 by British engineer T.W. Treeby was an early attempt to vastly increase the ammunition capacity of rifles. At the time, rifles had to be loaded from the muzzle one bullet at a time. The Treeby gun instead cycles fourteen individual chambers on a chain, each of which is preloaded [...]