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Are Geeky Couples More Likely to Have Kids with Autism?

What is a geek? For many people the term is perjorative, but for those who embrace geekdom, being a geek simply means having a thorough knowledge of and passion for a specific topic or activity. These aren’t limited to calculus and Star Wars references, as 80s movies may have kead you to believe, but those [...]

Here’s Why We Can’t Get Jobs

Unemployment can make it harder to get a job. That sounds strange, but it’s a truism in the placement and recruiting industry. Once you spend any amount of time without a job, getting one at all become more difficult. Even though corporation have unfilled job openings, they tend to not hire the unemployed. According to 36 [...]

The Average Canadian Now Richer Than the Average American

Waitaminute! While we’re busy trying not to lose our shirt in the Great Recession, those sneaky Canadians managed to get richer than us Yanks. But how did it happen? On July 1, Canada Day, Canadians awoke to a startling, [...]

Phantom Vibrations

Have you ever felt your phone vibrate, but the sensation wasn’t real? Researchers at Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne call it “phantom vibration.” The Atlantic‘s Robinson Meyer summarized their study in eleven points: 1. Many, many people experience phantom vibrations. 89 percent of the undergrad participants in this current study had felt phantom vibrations. In [...]

Science Proved that Gaydar Exists

Does Gaydar – that preternatural ability to detect whether someone is gay – real? Researchers Joshua Tabak and Vivian Zayas actually did the scientific experiment to find whether gaydar exists: We conducted experiments in which participants [...]

The L.A. Riots Began 20 Years Ago Today

The Los Angeles Riots began on April 29, 1992, after officers in the Rodney King case were acquitted of almost all charges. Here is an excerpt from The Mental Floss History of the United States about the riots and the events leading up to the violence. © David Butow/CORBIS SABA, 1992 While there had always been an [...]

Goggles Make Food Appear 50% Larger, Help You Eat Less

Image: DietDiet [in Japanese] Can you trick your brain into thinking that you’ve eaten more than you really have? Apparently so! A team at Tokyo University developed a special [...]

Do you believe in Bigfoot ?

Opinion poll results suggest that 30 percent of Americans believe that Bigfoot is ‘probably’ real. Sightings of the elusive hominid continue to be rep…

DC Launches Charity Campaign Fronted By Justice League

DC Comics has been making some ambitious moves lately, from a logo re-design to a 52 title relaunch, but their newest move should prove to be most heroic-a charity called We Can Be Heroes which will raise money to benefit humanitarian efforts in Africa. Here’s the dollars and cents of it all: Donations of any amount [...]

One in Six American Adults is a Binge Drinker

According to the CDC, one in six American adults is a binge drinker: The study — which defines binge drinking as five or more drinks in a short period of time for men and four or more for women [...]