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Pain of a Pepper

Poor pepper. Hopefully he will, at the very least, be made into something delicious like a stuffed pepper or tasty ketchup – made with a charred red bell pepper reduction, foodies you know what’s up. I have to be real with you guys though, with my first glance at this photo I wanted to laugh menacingly, [...]

Owl in Tree Salt & Pepper Shaker

Owl in Tree Salt & Pepper Shaker – $14.95 Are you looking for a Salt & Pepper shaker that’s a real hoot? Feast your eyes on the Owl in Tree Salt & Pepper Shaker from the NeatoShop. This clever set features a large owl shaker perched on a tree shaker. Three small owls peer out the [...]

Shoplifter Betrayed by Hot Peppers

Marcus Banwell learned the hard way that if you steal hot peppers, you should wait until you are away from the store before you eat them. Banwell had apparently ingested at least one Scotch Bonnet pepper from the Singh Store in Bristol, England. The store owner heard a commotion as Barnwell doubled over and became [...]

11 Country Stars and Their Cookbooks

1. Kitty Wells Country Kitchen Cookbook by Kitty Wells (1964) The Queen of Country Music published three volumes of cookery over thirty years. In addition to down-home delights like 7-Up Poundcake (which contains a full can of the soda), she also offered Tex-Mex and Hawaiian recipes. 2. Cooking With Kenny Rogers by Kenny Rogers (1987) Rogers was a [...]

Martin Luther Insult Generator

“You are like mouse-dropping in the pepper.” I couldn’t agree more. The Sixteenth Century German theologian Martin Luther has a lot to say to you, it’s all bad, and you deserve it. Click on the link to begin the tirade from Luther’s collected works. Link -via @BrainPicker | Image via CTSWyneke

The Late Movies: Hamsters Eating

What do hamsters eat? According to these videos at YouTube, they’ll eat almost anything, and they never stop being adorable while doing it! Broccoli * Pizza * Bell Pepper * Grape * Cheese * Peanut Butter * Cucumber * Cookies * Cotton Candy * Popcorn Parry Gripp wrote this song especially for this little hamster. * Everything Or at least everything he can find! *

11 Items in Van Halen’s Contract Rider (Including No Brown M&Ms)

Van Halen is back! Featuring David Lee Roth and three Van Halen brothers, the band has reunited for a North American tour, and their new record was released just three days ago. So I thought I’d take a look back at the band’s infamous early-1980s tour rider*, the document that specified no brown [...]

John Lennon Was a Crazy Cat Lady

John Lennon was crazy about cats. Over the years, he owned several, plus a few dogs. These are their stories. Elvis Growing up, Lennon had a cat named Elvis, who was owned by his beloved mother, Julia. Julia was worshiped by young John, and they were both crazy about Elvis Presley. The Lennons realized they had misnamed [...]

‘Superhero’ Phoenix Jones arrested

The self-proclaimed superhero was picked up by police after assaulting several people with pepper spray. Jones hit headlines earlier this year due to …

10 Other People Who’ve Been Pied

Image credit: @DanJHayes News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch took a shaving cream pie to the face today during his hearing before a committee of the British Parliament on the phone-hacking scandal. Good thing we had this list handy. 1. Singer and activist Anita Bryant was hit in the face with a pie in 1977, in Des Moines. [...]