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Penny Finds Her Brave

Penny has a problem.  She is very brave and she doesn’t know it- or at least according to the people over at The stop motion video created by the website is part of a program to promote the launch of a new App that helps kids get over their nightly fears. The App is a [...]

Why Are First-Year Students Called Freshmen?

Image credit: There was a time when almost every university student was a sophomore.  Well, a sophister, to be exact, but that’s where the word “sophomore” originated. A sophist was a wise man (derived from the Greek word sophos), so when Henry VIII endowed the “new” Cambridge University in the 16th century, it was decided [...]

Lincoln on Mars

Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech I’ve been waiting for NASA’s rover Curiosity to land safely so I can tell you that we now have Lincoln on Mars. Yes, Abraham Lincoln on the Red Planet. The penny, a 1909 [...]

11 TV Theme Songs That Secretly Have Lyrics

Chances are, you’ve been humming these classic TV theme songs for years. Now you can get their lyrics stuck in your head, too. 1. We mentioned last week that Andy Griffith recorded a version of “The Fishing Hole” – AKA the theme song to The Andy Griffith Show – that was replaced by the all-whistling version. [...]

11 Commercials for Defunct ’90s Food and Drinks

Back in the 90s, you could buy any of these things. You could get them all at the same time if you wanted. Now you can’t get any of these products, unless you want to shell out too much cash for a 15-year-old bottle of Orbitz on eBay. 1. Astropop 2. Butterfinger BBs 3. Lifesavers Holes 4. Carefree Sugarless [...]

Why Were CD Boxes So Big in the Early 1990s?

Image credit: Daniel R. Tobias/Wikimedia Commons I was working at Tower Records back in the late 1980s, when the compact disc started replacing the vinyl LP. Beyond the arguments over the analog vs. digital sound (which continue to this day) and the higher price of CDs, there was the added issue of how to display them [...]

Picnic Lunch Boxes

Picnic Lunch Boxes – $12.95 (sold individually) Are you looking for a doggone cute and functional lunch box? You need a udderly adoarable Picnic Lunch Box from the NeatoShop. These soo-ee-eet lunch boxes fold out to become a placemat. The Picnic Lunch box is purr-fect for back to school. The Picnic Lunch Box is available in: Denzel the [...]

Man Paid Off House With Pennies Saved Over 35 Years

A penny saved is a penny earned. And if you multiply that by 62,000, you’d have enough to pay the final payment of your mortgage! Thomas Daigle delivered a pair of boxes to the steps of Milford [...]

Every Item Inside the Time Capsule Nickelodeon Buried in 1992

In 1992, Nickelodeon got together with the Kids World Council (also known as “minors who were allowed to call in and vote”) to decide what was most important to kids at the time. Then they assembled those items, put them in a big orange time capsule, and buried it in front of Nickelodeon Studios in [...]

On Canada’s No-More-Pennies Policy

We’ve covered the problems with pennies before. In exciting news for the anti-penny lobby, the good people of Canada formally decided to abolish the penny by stopping production, joining a growing list of countries doing away with this ultra-low-denomination coin. Existing pennies will still be accepted for purchases but the supply of pennies [...]